‘Homeland’ an idea that evokes a feeling of belonging. We have chosen the theme for IPEP 2017 as Homeland, aiming at an emotional appeal that crosses the ethnic borders and hierarchy of societies. The concept of space that we call as home, bonds with the root that has a collective identity. It shapes our culture strongly yet so subconsciously that we sense the pull of the bond only when distance is created. The emotional connect with the personal to global context will be the key to the endeavour.

Printmakers all over the world are invited to send their entries for the fifth chapter of IPEP 2017.

We have invited Robin Lasser, contemporary artist and professor of art at San Jose´ State University (SJSU) and Mithu Joardar, writer and artist from Mumbai to provide background theory and documentation along with critical reviews.

International Print Exchange Programme (IPEP), India is a non-profit initiative through which printmakers share their work with each-other across the globe. Participants individually exhibit the IPEP compiled portfolio in their respective locations and get to add it to their own collection. Consequently, their work gets exhibited internationally. IPEP boosts networking among printmakers and creates awareness about printmaking as an art form among its viewers.

IPEP is curated by Rajesh Pullarwar, an artist printmaker himself. He attempts to bring together artists in various stages of their careers on an equal aesthetic footing, irrespective of their works’ commercial value. Within 5 years, his initiative has spawned into 120 participants exhibiting at 39 different locations worldwide.

IPEP 2017 exhibition will be held in collaboration with Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai during 11-15 December. Sir J.J. School of Art, India’s first art institution was founded in March 1857 with the generous donation offered by Sir Jamshedji Jeejeebhoy, the first Baronet. The institute is nestled in unique heritage spaces.

IPEP India 2016 – Catalogue      .pdf, 984KB
IPEP India 2013-14-15 – Catalogue      .pdf, 8.5MB