IPEP India 2017 – Homeland
‘Homeland’ an idea that evokes a feeling of belonging. We have chosen the theme for IPEP 2017 as Homeland, aiming at an emotional appeal that crosses the ethnic borders and hierarchy of societies. The concept of space that we call as home, bonds with the root that has a collective identity. It shapes our culture strongly yet so subconsciously that we sense the pull of the bond only when distance is created. The emotional connect with the personal to global context will be the key to the endeavour.

13 Countries : 38 Participants

IPEP India 2016 – Breaking NEWS

The IPEP 2016 invites print-makers all over the world to share their practices by responding to the crucial challenges posed in front of sensitive fellow beings through the media of Print News. The primary objective of this chapter of IPEP is to introduce a novel format of printmaking where the artists reach out to the viewers and audiences through the lived experiences of diverse as well as at times catastrophic news received through daily newsletters which affect all of us globally devoid of our regional differences.

11 Countries : 22 Participants

IPEP India 2015 – FEAR:Horror|Terror

The idea of ‘FEAR: Horror / Terror’ is a universal experience which haunts humanity in its multitudes as an effect of differences between individuals or communities. The world is filled with these notions as commune, country, race, caste or creed. The differences arising from socio-political agendas, difference of faiths, gender, economic interests. Thus, fears exist about war, terrorism, uncertainty and the fears which are politically and culturally manipulated either through violence or dogmas. The artists would be responding to the idea through their individual perspectives to surface varied viewpoints.

12 Countries : 25 Participants

IPEP India 2014 – Indigestible

The interrogation of IPEP India 2014 participants was based upon the thought of ‘indigestible’, addressing the concerns towards food management worldwide. Nearly one third of food produced is lost due to contamination and wastages at various levels of the production-supply chain. An open ended thought for free association and creation!

07 Countries : 18 Participants

IPEP India 2013 – Untitled

The first chapter in 2013 was open ended and untitled.

10 Countries : 20 Participants